Month 1 Overview

Tuesday, 24 November 2020  |  Admin

No one ever said it would be easy!

There's a good reason for that.

Because if it was easy. Everyone would be doing it.

The past 4 weeks since launch and the previous month of stock allocation, website design, registering the business etc etc etc... have been possibly the most intense of my life! 

Quick Summary pre launch

I have been without a "job" since mid-January. I had just started gaining interviews and the pandemic hit. This induced stress like I'd never felt before. But, by hook or by crook we are still here and fighting


Once I got the green light for some funding. It was full steam ahead. Most who know me will tell you I'm an impatient man (but, with the best intentions). I have always been looking for something to do of my own. I'd spent many a year "successfully" helping to build businesses in my career. Even had a business abroad at 22 with my brother.(Which we later sold and is still trading to this day)

So cutting a really long story to a short overview. I managed to get a site launched with the help of a 3rd party. This site performed well over the initial days but, something just didn't feel right. Google stopped my ad running with not much explanation. Some other bits happened that got me questioning. 

It transpired. Somehow, regardless of all protocols put in place there was a bug in the site. So, my plan to move the site in 6 months to a bigger better platform was shifted forward. 72 hours later and a hell of a lot of head-scratching and learning. My new platform was launched. With a tonne of hindsight. I know what i'll do going forward with more ideas I have.(no such thing as failure. only feedback)

Orders started coming in. But, what really satisfied me was the fact that the people ordering, once they received their order were ordering again. Straight away. 

I have a few customers that are currently on their 3rd order (thank you to you!)

The real test for me is to be patient. Early signs are good. Very good in fact. I have some huge plans for this business I just need to be patient. patient...patient...

I will give a weekly update to what is happening with the store and new products etc.